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Michael Schumacher

Why Michael Schumacher Could Win The 2011 World Championship

Michael Schumacher’s 2010 comeback was somewhat abortive.  The results, the driving standard and the overtakes were well below par for the former champion.  He even let his team mate beat him for the first time in his career.  So why can Schumacher, the fallen Ferrari hero, win the world championship for an 8th time?

It’s still the same Michael Schumacher

Indeed, we saw glimpses of it last season.  The passion, and the desire to do well.  He was racing on the ragged edge, braking as late – if not later – than anyone else.  The trouble was, he didn’t have the car underneath him to be able to win.  It took him a while to get reacquainted, but in truth it would take anyone a while to get used to be these new cars.

The 2011 car will be built around him

Sorry Rosberg fans, the fact is – Schumacher & Brawn will be running the show at Mercedes Benz.  Let’s not forget, they are paying Michael an arm and a leg to race for them.  He will design the car around him, something he didn’t get chance to do last season.  He also has an entire year of racing with the wide nosed, tall winged cars so has plenty of data and ideas to call upon when constructing the new vehicle.  An insider has already said that downforce and grip levels on the simulator are exceeding expectations.  Not a bad start?

Pirelli Tyres

Yep, the great big unknown means it’s all a level playing field this season.  No-one knows much about Pirelli just yet, so it’s a fair and even start for all the drivers.  It’s about adaptability, and we know deep down inside the 42 year old he can adapt.  He also looked quick in the 2010 car on 2011 rubber.

Less expectation than last year

At the start of 2010, we all expected the Schumacher from 2006 to jump behind the wheel and immediately win.  Let’s not forget here, 2005 and 2006 were barren seasons for Schumacher – he walked away with nothing.  He was in decline, so why did we expect him to be immediately brilliant?  I was and still am a Schumacher fan, but I knew he was not as good as he used to be.  This year he will have less expectation than before.  We’re all used to him driving and Germany has a new world champion to thrust under the spotlight at every opportunity in Sebastian Vettel.

Other drivers still fear him

When the red baron’s helmet is filling your wing mirrors, surely it must make your heart beat twice as fast.  Fernando Alonso has already said he fears Schumacher the most for 2011

“There will be five world champions on the track and the most dangerous champion for me is always Michael.  Now in January if I have to choose one name I have to say Michael. He is seven-time champion, he has nothing to prove. He had a difficult season but he is still a champion. N He is still super class and if the car is right he will be a contender,”


Its not all going in Schumacher’s favour.   Michael is a lot older than any of the other title contenders now, and that could be his downfall.  Not suggesting he isn’t fit, he is probably more athletic now than he was before – but age is still a factor.  Red Bull are not suddenly going to be slow, they just aren’t.  Not with Vettel and Newey onboard.  Ferrari and Alonso will be desperate for the title.  McLaren have two world champions driving for them.  Oh and there’s the small matter of the fact Nico Rosberg was better than Michael last season.

Nevertheless, as an outside bet – you could do a lot worse than Michael.

Schumacher ‘Not Good Enough’ Says Former Team Mate

A former team mate of Michael Schumacher who wished to remain anonymous has made the audacious claim that Schumacher is no longer good enough to drive in Formula One.

Schumacher, 41, rejoined Formula One in a shock move just before Christmas to race for the all German Mercedes Benz team alongside Nico Rosberg.  However, any fears that his neck would not be able to cope with the pressures following a motorbike accident in Germany were muted because of the performance of the former world champion.  He has yet to beat his team mate in a race, and despite scoring regular points thanks to the new 10 place scoring system he has been relatively poor with his racing.

One would have thought he would excel in the damp conditions seen in China, the sort of races where he would dominate back when driving for Ferrari, however he did not, with fumbled tyre changes and a genuine air of nervousness over his car-pit radio system.

“I can tell you, he was always very vulnerable when he lost, whenever I beat him; it was as if he needed a cuddle afterwards.” One of his former team mates told The Independent newspaper.

“You can see his head has dropped after four races in which Rosberg has been quicker; he just isn’t used to that. He is the kind of guy who even when we were at the Madonna di Campiglia pre-season skiing publicity event with Ferrari in the old days, he had to be the fastest. And if he wasn’t, he would keep demanding another go until he was. That’s how driven he used to be.

“After the beating he got on Sunday, in conditions in which the old Michael Schumacher excelled, I don’t think he’ll ever come back to his old level.”

Speculation is now rife to the source, which has been touted as former team mate Eddie Irvine who moved to Jaguar in 2000 after a few seasons with Ferrari, or perhaps Rubens Barrichello who now races with Williams and spent much of his time with Ferrari in the shade of the former master.

Schumacher Boosts German TV F1 Viewing Figures

Michael Schumacher has been, unsurprisingly, the cause of increased viewing figures of F1 in his homeland of Germany.

The 7 time world champion sensationally made his F1 comeback last weekend in Bahrain, and while national F1 broadcaster RTL expected slightly higher viewing figures they were astonished by the actual statistics.

In 2009, 5.3 million Germans tuned in to watch the Australian Grand Prix, the first round of the season.  Last weekend, some 10.5 million people, about 50 percent of the available market share, tuned in to watch Schumi make his return with Mercedes.

“We did expect higher viewing figures but we never dared to think that they would be that much higher,” commented RTL’s Manfred Loppe.

Michael Schumacher’s GP2 Test Hampered By Wet Weather

Michael Schumacher got behind the wheel of a GP2 test car today as he begins preparations for his eagerly awaited Formula One comeback.

The seven time world champion signed a contract to drive with the Mercedes Benz team, reuniting him with the sport that delievered him so much success, and the man that helped him – Ross Brawn.

The multi-million pound, 3 year contract will see Michael race until the age of 44.

Since retiring in 2006 he worked as a consultant and occassional tester for the Ferrari team, and was set to replace Felipe Massa mid-way through last season when the Brazilian got injured in a massive accident, but was unable to do so due to a neck injury sustained in a motorbike accident.  This test is designed to show he is now over that injury.

However, despite some good running and completing some 52 laps, his day was cut short by poor weather conditions.  He will pick up the action again tomorrow and Thursday.

“The day today was good especially because after a long time I could drive again in a car that came almost close to a current Formula 1. Despite the weather not being what we all would have liked all my senses were nevertheless on full alert – this alone was worth it,” he said.

“I felt comfortable out on the track from the very beginning, and naturally I’d like to thank our Team and the GP2 series very much for the opportunity to drive.”

Full Story: Michael Schumacher Confirms F1 Return With Mercedes

Michael Schumacher’s Formula One return with Mercedes Benz has been confirmed today after an official announcement with the German driver.

Schumacher, who will be 41 at the season opener in Bahrain, has been signed on a three year deal.

He is known as the most successful F1 driver ever, with 7 titles and some 91 wins to his name and painted Formula One red with a highly successful period in the early 2000’s with Ferrari.

Ferrari as a team, and its fans will be bitterly disappointed on the announcement of Schumacher’s return with a rival team, and not with the Scuderia who make their 2010 title assault with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

“The motivation I think is pretty straightforward,” Schumacher said. “The call I got from Ross at the end of November concerning the chance to go racing, Mercedes being involved, I felt great.

“I never left the race track. I was tired of F1 by the end of 2006, but in three years of absence I got back all the energy that I am feeling right now. I played around with motorbikes and I feel ready for some serious stuff now.”

“It [Mercedes GP] is a team that has won both championships this year,” he said. “With Mercedes Benz as a strong partner, our aim can only be to fight for the championship.

“There will be strong competition, as we have seen, but I am thrilled to be back in this one.”

“I played around with motorbikes, and I feel ready for some serious stuff now.”

Schumacher returns to team up with Ross Brawn a man who helped mastermind many of his titles through the years with Benetton and Ferrari.

The unstoppable duo will be back, with German backing and Nico Rosberg too.  Ross was understandably delighted that Schumacher is back.

“I asked Michael that question and he is the best judge of what he can do,” Brawn said. “I trust him explicitly and he told me he can do it.

“He has always been his own best critic, the man himself knows what he is capable of. I am very comfortable and confident and put my trust in Michael, and it won’t be misplaced.”

Schumacher Comeback Only Days Away From Confirmation

The comeback of Formula One’s most successful driver Michael Schumacher now looks to be just a matter of hours away.

The German driver will be racing for the Mercedes Benz GP team in a shock come back, the first time he will have raced since quitting the sport at the end of 2006.

Schumacher, who will be 41 at the season start, ended his career after a record number of World Championships, wins and pole positions.  He has been working for his team, Ferrari, since retirement as a special consultant however it is understood he has been released from the role within the team.

He almost made a Ferrari comeback part way through last season, when it appeared he would drive in place of injured Felipe Massa but a motorcycle accident sustained earlier in 2009 put pay to that drive, Schumacher had injured his neck.

Now all Mercedes Benz are waiting for is a 100% health confirmation, which could come through within hours or just a matter of days and then announce a deal with Michael – a contract which could potentially have a record salary.

Fans of Ferrari will be no doubt disappointed that their prodigal son and hero Schumacher will be leaving the team, some have branded him a “traitor” already.

“I hadn’t spoken to him since Abu Dhabi but I spoke to him yesterday (Wednesday),” Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo told a news conference yesterday evening.

“He phoned me and he told me that there is a very, very, very strong possibility [of racing for Mercedes-Benz]. Having said that, it is not 100 per cent decided. But that is what he said yesterday morning.”

“A guy called Michael Schumacher told us at Monza (in September) he would renew his (Ferrari consultancy) contract,” Di Montezemolo said. “And it looked like his career would finish with Ferrari.

“But then there’s another one who looks like him, 40, 41 yrs old, German, same name and decided to do a new career.

“Everybody in life can do what they prefer, and I understand that there is somebody at 41 years who wants to try again.

“So I think it’s possible this twin, another Michael Schumacher, same age, same capability, some determination and spirit, will drive for Mercedes next year.”

Montezemolo added that as a friend, he was glad to see Schumacher return and would be rooting for him.  He also part acknowledged the Ferrari fans unhappiness towards the move, but stated he was happy to see Schumacher in a Mercedes.

Michael Schumacher Cancels F1 Comeback

Michael Schumacher has made the unprecedented step of cancelling his Formula One comeback after he claims to be suffering from neck related problems.

The German 7 time world champion was announced as being Felipe Massa’s substitute driver after the Brazilian was forced to miss the Hungarian GP after an accident in qualifying.  So severe was this accident, he has only recently left hospital and returned home in Sao Paolo.

Schumacher had a motorbike incident in February which caused him some neck problems, and after testing an F2007 Clienti machine he found his neck unable to withstand the G-Forces put upon it.

Its a bitter blow for the German, and for his legions of fans and adversaries who were looking forward to the return of the “meister”.  Indeed ticket sales for the otherwise unloved Valencian race skyrocketed, but many will be left feeling mis-sold and disappointed.

“Yesterday evening, I had to inform Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo and team principal Stefano Domenicali that unfortunately I’m not able to step in for Felipe,” he said.

“I really tried everything to make that temporary comeback possible, however, much to my regret it didn’t work out. Unfortunately we did not manage to get a grip on the pain in the neck which occurred after the private F1-day in Mugello, even if medically or therapeutically we tried everything possible.”

“The consequences of the injuries caused by the bike-accident in February, fractures in the area of head and neck, unfortunately have turned out to be still too severe,” added Schumacher.

“That is why my neck cannot stand the extreme stresses caused by Formula 1 yet. These are the clear results of the examinations we did on the course of the past two weeks and the final examination yesterday afternoon.

“As there were no improvements after the day in Mugello, I decided at short notice on Sunday to do that thorough examination already yesterday.

“I am disappointed to the core. I am awfully sorry for the guys of Ferrari and for all the fans which crossed fingers for me. I can only repeat that I tried everything that was within my power. All I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed for the whole team for the coming races.”

Schuey’s Return Could Show Raikkonen Up – Lauda

Never one to shy away from controversy, Niki Lauda has said that Michael Schumacher’s return to Ferrari and F1 could well show Kimi Raikkonen up.

Raikkonen, the 2007 World Champion has not really performed well since his championship win, and with a poor car in 2009 the team have been sliding.  His second place in Hungary last week is his best result of the season thus far.  Lauda reckons Schumacher’s return will force him to be faster.

Lauda himself made an F1 comeback after retirement in the 1980’s and won the world championship.  Whether Schumacher can do the same thing is unknown, but highly unlikely.  Race wins and podiums are expected, but he has 10 races less experience than the other drivers, doesn’t know Valencia and may well not be fit.

“The most interesting thing will be to see him up against Kimi Raikkonen in the other Ferrari – who will be faster?” the Austrian told Britain’s Daily Mail. “Put it this way: Kimi has to get his act together or be shown up.”

Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher (with footballer Lukas Podolski centre)

Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher (with footballer Lukas Podolski centre)

Michael Schumacher Makes Shock F1 Comeback For Ferrari From Euro GP

Michael Schumacher, the most successful racing driver of all time has made the shock decision to come out of retirement to race for Ferrari from the next Grand Prix onwards after Felipe Massa’s unfortunate incident in the last grand prix weekend.

Schumacher, who won the F1 world championship 7 times, will now spend the next few weeks preparing himself to drive the Ferrari F60 car, he has not tested it thus far.  The last time Schumacher drove an F1 car was testing in 2008, and he retired in 2006 at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Since Massa’s incident, rumour has been flying about who would replace the Brazilian for Ferrari, and now the rumours are put to bed as Schumacher returns.

“The most important thing first: thanks God, all news concerning Felipe are positive. I wish him all the best again,” said Schumacher.

“I was meeting this afternoon with Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo and together we decided that I will prepare myself to take the place of Felipe.

“Though it is true that the chapter Formula 1 has been closed for me since long and completely, it is also true that for loyalty reasons to the team I cannot ignore that unfortunate situation. But as the competitor I am, I also very much look forward to facing this challenge.”

BBC Top Gear’s Stig Revealed As Michael Schumacher

The popular BBC motoring magazine show Top Gear returned to UK television screen’s this evening with a brand new series, and a promise that the infamous “Stig” character would be revealed.

The Stig, also known as the Tame Racing Driver has been a prominent feature of the show since it returned to television screen’s under the guidance of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and later James May.  The original Stig, former F1 and sportscar driver Perry McCarthy was killed off in a fictitious aircraft carrier accident using the old TG Jaguar after he revealed his identity in his Autobiography.

The new white overalled Stig’s identity has been talked about on the internet for years, with most fans thinking it was either Ben Collins or Damon Hill.  After Hill visisted Top Gear and was photographed with The Stig, Ben Collins was the sure favourite for the role.

However when Stig finally removed the white helmet for the first time it was indeed Michael Schumacher under the lid, the famous 7 time F1 World Champion.  He had a brief, comic interview with Clarkson after hustling a Ferrari FXX supercar around the track in a  1.10 lap time taking it to the top of the powerlap leaderboard over the Gumpert Apollo.

Clarkson jokingly pretended not to recognise the German driver and asked him his name, before shouting to the audience: “It’s Michael Schumacher!”

“As a television moment, it’s up there with Neil Armstrong walking on the… corpse of JR Ewing,” Clarkson claimed in The Sun this morning.

Rumour’s have started that the German isn’t the Stig and was only brought in to drive the FXX, but I think if the show is to be believeable then we have to give Clarkson & Co the benefit of the doubt that The Stig is the greatest racing driver of all time.  What a fitting man to be under the overalls.

Schuey or The Stig?!

Schuey or The Stig?!

Schuey To Have Talks Over Ferrari Future

Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest racing drivers ever born, is set to have talks with the team about his role within Ferrari within the next month as his contract expires soon.

The German has been attributed, wrongly, to putting Kimi Raikkonen onto the wet tyres in Malaysia – a fundamental mistake which cost Ferrari points yet again.  The Italian media were fairly critical, but Ferrari jumped to Schumacher’s defence with the management reshuffle.

“After the summer we will see what makes sense and what does not,” he confirmed in an interview with the German news agency DPA.

While many in the paddock seem to be suggesting Schumacher is on the way out of Ferrari, he confirmed that he wa soffered a much deeper role in the team and this could be offered to him once again.

“I could have taken on the role of Jean Todt, but it was not for me,” Schumacher explained. “It would have been the wrong time and, above all, I think Stefano Domenicali is able to perform the job much better than I would have.”

Schuey and Alonso Slam The FIA Over New Rules

Former 7 Time World Champion Michael Schumacher, and one of his former rivals, 2 time champion Fernando Alonso have both publically slammed the FIA over their rule changes relating to the budget caps, a two tier aerodynamic rule system and the new point/win idea for world champions.

Schumacher made an open post on his official website, saying that KERS is a very debatable idea, but at least everyone is facing the same issues, which makes it exciting.  With the teams under a budget cap being able to change aero, and those with all the money can’t, Schuey reckons this is just blatently stupid.

“During the tests we had to fight with several topics as well but this is more than normal at this stage prior to the season,” Schumacher wrote on his personal website.

“But you also have to say that KERS is a risk for all the teams using it, with this restricted testing possibilities. So there are, as always, certain question marks before the first races. But this is what makes the whole thing so attractive, isn’t it?

“I doubt the same goes for the new rules given out on such a late moment prior to the season – something which to me is really, well, astonishing, as in all the years, when the majority wanted to have a rule change for a good reason, they always said that would not be possible in a short term or so late before a season.

“I cannot imagine those changes to help F1, especially regarding the new system to find the champion. I cannot see how it makes sense to eventually have a world champion who has less points than the driver coming in second, even if I also think it is a good move to try to strengthen the winner’s position.

“In general we should also make sure that F1 remains the top series of motorsport, displaying its competition also on the highest technology level.”

Fernando Alonso was not too impressed either on a post on his own webpage,

“I don’t understand the need to change the rules of the sport constantly. I think this kind of decisions can only confuse the fans,”

“Formula 1 has existed for over 50 years thanks to the teams, the sponsors, the drivers and, above all, the fans from all over the world, and none of them have been able to express their views in front of the FIA.

“I worry, not so much about the decisions that affect the season that’s about to start, but, above all, those that affect the future of the competition in the coming years.

“I hope somehow these measures can be reconsidered in the short-term.”

Glock Fastest On Jerez Day 3

Timo Glock was fastest on day 3 of the Jerez test.

He managed to keep ontop of the timesheets as he was yesterday, but got much more running in thanks to the sunnier conditions experienced.

“That was a productive day,” said Glock. “This morning we were again a bit unlucky with the conditions, which made the race simulation quite tough. But it was useful to find out when to change to slick tyres and our pace wasn’t bad.

“Then we got some dry running for the rest of the day. We did a lot of set-up work and late on we did some shorter runs to make it through the programme. We’ve made it through a lot of miles over these two days and we’re making useful progress.”

Felipe Massa was second again for Ferrari, for the 3rd day in a row.  The Brazilian was joined by Michael Schumacher who did not race, but observed the session from the pitwall in his position as an advisor to the team.

Fernando Alonso was 3rd, showing more pace and Piquet had done over the previous 2 days.  he was followed by Kovalainen and  Sutil who showed amazing pace over just 63 laps.

Webber, Kubica and Rosberg completed the line-up.

Pos  Driver        Team                       Time     Laps
 1.  Glock         Toyota               (B)  1:19.814  141
 2.  Massa         Ferrari              (B)  1:20.238  134
 3.  Alonso        Renault              (B)  1:20.296  152
 4.  Kovalainen    McLaren-Mercedes     (B)  1:20.535   85
 5.  Sutil         Force India-Mercedes (B)  1:20.621   63
 6.  Webber        Red Bull-Renault     (B)  1:21.021   98
 7.  Kubica        BMW-Sauber           (B)  1:21.069   98
 8.  Rosberg       Williams-Toyota      (B)  1:21.412  125
Timo Glock

Timo Glock

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Felipe MAssa

Felipe MAssa

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica

Schuey Admits He Is Unlikely To Test In 2009

Michael Schumacher, statistically the greatest racing driver of all time has admitted to a German newspaper that he thinks testing the Ferrari F1 car in 2009 is becomingly a less likely prospect.

Schumacher, who won 7 F1 world titles 5 with Ferrari undertook testing work on the slick tyres driving an F2008 during last season.  However with increasing in-seasonn testing restrictions, Schumacher doesn’t see himself as a priority tester.

Not just concerned for his own lack lack of miles, Michael, now 40 years of age reckons that Ferrari test drivers Luca Badoer and Marc Gene will have little testing to do as the main race drivers familiarise themselves with the new car.

“These next weeks and tests are now for preparation of the entire season,” Schumacher told Express

Schumacher will be competing in the German Superbike championships this year.

Schuey Admits He Did Consider F1 Return

Michael Schumacher, the most successful Formula One driver of all time has admitted in an interview with German newspaper Bild that he was offered, and indeed considered a return to an F1 race seat.

In the past Schumacher, who won 7 World Championships in F1, has unequibically denied he has or is considering a return to the sport he left in 2006.

The Ferrari legend was offered a blank-cheque by Luca di Montezemolo at the end of 2006 to try and make the German stay at the team, but Schumacher rejected it.  He has since returned to do some testing and advisory work with Ferrari.

“I have had a few interesting possibilities,” he explained “but I rejected them all almost immediately.”

Schumacher, who turned 40 on the 3rd of January, admitted that if he returned he would want to win, but could still not see himself devoting his entire life to the sport again like he did in his illustrious 15 year career.

“…so I would only be racing for the sake of it or for fun and, no, that’s not my thing,” he said.

Senna’s Death Was Horrid But Death Was Accepted Risk

Michael Schumacher believes that Ayrton Senna’s death was almost certainly the most horrible moment of his entire F1 career.

The 7 time F1 world champion also noted that this was the moment he woke up to the fact that death was an acceptable risk and a part of Formula One at the time.

“It was the accident which cost Senna’s life in 1994 [that frightened me most.” Schumacher said in an exclusive interview with Die Zelt

“That woke me up,” he shared. “I told myself that it could happen to anyone, anywhere. If you don’t accept that, you have a problem. I never left home with the fear of not returning, but only with the hope of winning the race.”

“The important thing is to know at which point the risk-taking cannot be calculated,” Schumacher explained.

“I always go up to the limit, but sometimes there can be bad luck, like at Silverstone,”

Barrichello and Schumacher Continue Their War Of Words

Rubens Barrichello has continued his major war of words with Michael Schumacher after the Brazilian won the international champions kart challenge last weekend.

The Brazilian, who was Schumacher’s team mate between 2000 and 2005, continued from where he had left off, singing derogratory songs about the champion and accusing Ferrari of being against him, by saying that he felt Schumacher was the one who had turned this into a war.

“It seemed like Schumacher thought he was in a war. Maybe he forgot that he is in Brazil now.” Barrichello said about Schumacher’s driving in the kart challenge.

Schumacher responded by saying; “He is like that.  He complains whether he is the winner or the loser, its just the way he is”

I think maybe Rubens should grow up here.  I dont know if it is some kind of eleborate scheme to sell more books or whether he and Schumacher geuinly dislike each other, but it taints a very successful period in Ferrari’s timeline.  I’m guessing that the honest truth is, Rubens just wasn’t as good as Schumacher.

Schumacher Offered WSB Ride With Honda

Michael Schumacher, the most successful F1 driver of all time, has been offered a ride with Honda in the World Superbike Championship for next season.

The Japanese based team want Schumacher after he has turned to bikes and impressed in minor races he has competed in.

Schumacher has also tested a Ducati MotoGP bike.

“Michael is convinced that the German championship is right for him at the moment,” Honda Racing’s Carlo Fiorani was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“For the moment he has not asked us to race in the 2009 world championship.

“But if he wants to, there is a way for him (to do it). All he has to do is ask us.”

Schumi Praises Return Of Slicks

Michael Schumacher was back testing for Ferrari yesterday, and has heaped praise on slick tyres returning and the positive effect they should have on the sport.

Schumi reckons that we will see faster, closer racing and that the emphasis is being moved to more mechanical technology working with the driver rather than a bucnh of wings and things doing all of the work.

“It was obviously interesting because they have lots of grip and they are very different,” he said after testing.

“It was fun. I quite like to drive these slicks.

“I believe the general decision is a very good one for F1 to change the ratio between aerodynamic performance to mechanical performance. Meaning that you will probably see more close driving between the cars.”

Schumacher did have a problem with the tyre blankets ban, adding his voice to the number of drivers already in protest.

“Although obviously one subject is the tyre blankets that I think they have to think about it whether it is a good decision or not.

“Everybody already has tyre blankets.  We don’t save anything, we don’t do anything other than make it more difficult for everybody [by taking them away].”

Michael Schumacher

Schumi Back To Test With Ferrari

Michael Schumacher, the legend of Formula One, is returning to the cockpit once again this season, testing for Ferrari.

The German will be driving the F2008, testing slick Bridgestone tyres.

The forthcoming Barcelona tests will be a testing ground for some of the 2009 products, aswell as developments for the 2008 cars as they return to Europe after a long stint in the Far East and Asia.

“Michael Schumacher will be testing with our team on Wednesday.” A Ferrari spokesman informed GPUpdate 

“He will mainly focus on the development of slick tyres – the tyres that will be used in 2009.”

How exciting!

Michael Schumacher

Ferrari Even Better For 2008 – Schuey

Motorsport legend Michael Schumacher believes that Ferrari are even better prepared with staff and equipment (i.e. the F2008) for the forthcoming season than they ever have been before.

The German, now 39, was speaking about the team and car after his first test with the F2008 yesterday at Barcelona.

The Italian team are using Schumacher’s experience and expertise as they perfect systems after the electronic aids ban.

“The progress is very clear,” Schumacher told reporters at the end of testing.

“In all areas, it never changes, so why it should change now. It is not one thing you have to improve to go quicker, it is just everywhere.

“I feel we are ready and prepared to fight for victory.”

Michael Schumacher

Schumacher To Test F2008

Michael Schumacher is to test the Ferrari F2008 on Monday at the Catalunya Circuit.

The German will be taking his first opportunity to drive the team’s new car, and is said to be “relishing the prospect”.

It will be the first time he has tested since December when he helped Ferrari with development work on the standardised ECU, no traction control and slick tyres.  Schumacher retired at the end of 2006, Brazil was his final competitive race event.

He will be testing alongside current reigning world champion Kimi Raikkonen.

Michael Schumacher, Testing 2007 Ferrari F2007/8 Jerez

Schuey Not Getting Moto GP Wildcard

Formula One’s most successful driver of all time, Michael Schumacher, has been linked with a potential wildcard for the Italian Moto GP race this season.

The German, has undertaken testing with the Ducati team before, and most recently he was not much slower than World Champion Casey Stoner.

However, the rumours of this wildcard have been rubbished by the series organisers and the Ducati team themselves.

“It’s not true at all,” Carmelo Ezpeleta, who is a top guy in MotoGP told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Okay, maybe we’ll have him racing with (Kimi) Raikkonen in a sidecar!”

“Honestly we don’t know anything about it,” Livio Suppo, Ducati’s general manager said.

“I can say it was a pleasure to work with Michael in the two tests he did with us, where he demonstrated to be very professional, especially at Valencia where he showed that the times he set at Mugello weren’t made up.

“But from there to see him racing it’s a long way. First of all we’d need to hear his opinion about it, but on the contrary, we’ve never spoken to him or to his management.”

Michael Schumacher, on a Ducati 2007 bike at Mugello

Schuey Rejected Ferrari Job Offer

Jean Todt the departing F1 Sporting director at Ferrari has told German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport that Michael Schumacher rejected the job as Sporting director that was offered to him.

Todt admitted that it was only Schumacher or Ross Brawn in the running, but after discussions with Brawn broke-down and he went to Honda, Schumacher was the only one for the job.  However, he rejected the offer, for reasons currently unknown.

In the end Stefano Domincelli was offered the job and moved up the Ferrari hierachy.

“He would have been the best candidate for this job, but he did not want it,” said Todt about Schumacher.

Todt went on to say about Brawn “Ross is a very good man. His successes with Ferrari speak for themselves.

“We spoke with each other for a long time – about what was best for Ferrari and what was best for him. But it was better for both parties, on a long-term basis, that he went to Honda and we occupied the team boss position internally.

“Ross is now a competitor, but he will remain a friend of Ferrari and myself.” he added.

Michael Schumacher


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