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Radical Front Wing Testing For McLaren

McLaren F1 team are testing a very radical front wing, not long before the Spanish Grand Prix.  The british team were running the new wing for the first time in public at the Catalunya Circuit.

The wing has a plane of carbon fibre which stretches from one front wing end plate to the other, including a sweeping king just above the central nose. Its attachment is on the end plates, making it distinctly fragile and likely to move during motion.

The team admit they are haistly getting agressive new aerodynamic developments onto the car so they can compete with an already fast Ferrari F2007.

Martin Whitmarsh, CEO of McLaren Motorsport told us this;

“It is now very clear that this year’s championships will be as much decided in the race to develop the car as the racing that occurs on Sunday afternoons,” he explained. “We are now in the middle of a relatively large and unprecedented gap in Formula One racing, with a four week interval.

“During this time we are testing at the Barcelona circuit where the next race will be held. We would therefore target the largest incremental improvement in car performance from one race to another.

“This will not just be with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, but within all of the teams in the sport. As a result, the whole organisation is working extremely hard to ensure that we make as big, if not bigger, incremental improvement to the lap time performance of the MP4-22 versus any of our competitors.”

Photo: Autosport


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