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Alonso Claims Last Minute Contraversial Pole @ Hungaoring

Fernando Alonso has just grabbed pole position for tomorrows race at the Hungaoring but in contraversial circumstances.

The Spaniard came in for his final tyre change in Q3 and waited and waited in the pit box even though the lollipop ha been raised.  Lewis Hamilton his team mate was sat right behind him, and Alonso frequently checked his mirrors.  Alonso then left the box nearly 10 seconds after the lollipop was raised.  He crosses the line to let him have another lap but Hamilton didnt cross the line in time.  Alonso could be in serious trouble with Ron Dennis who was fuming!

Hamilton was then of course in second place meaning McLaren are in the dirving seat for tomorrows race where just like at Monaco it is almost impossible to overtake.

Nick Heidfeld grabbed third place very late on from a relitivly happy Kimi Raikkonen.  Ferrari not having the best of weekends with Felipe Massa down in 14th after a horrific Q2.

He stopped the car in the pitlane, then was rolled back to the garage and restarted in time for a final flying lap, but Massa struggled for speed when he rejoined and could only manage 14th place.

Nico Rosberg broke into the top five for Williams, ahead of Toyota’s Ralf Schumacher and Robert Kubica in the second BMW.

Giancarlo Fisichella, Jarno Trulli and Mark Webber filled the final top ten places.

Coulthard was close to making Q3 but FP1 fastest man Robert Kubica grabbed it from just under his nose, leaving DC in 11th again.

DC will start alongside a promising Heikki Kovalainen who looked good but just didn’t deliver.  Wurz is just behind them.

Liuzzi and Davidson held up pride from the lower teams getting through to Q2 but finishing 15th and 16th respectivly, Davidson was very high on the time sheets in Q1 so he’s one to watch for tomorrow.

Honda’s woes continued with their 2 drivers not making it higher than Q1 and they make up row 9.

STR debutant Sebasitan Vettel in just his second F1 race, and the 4th time he has ever driven the Toro Rosso car was in 20th. He struggled for grip and at the front-end, he was all over the place!

The Spyker’s make up the last row, Sutil over a second faster than Yamamoto.  Yamamoto could have set a much better lap time but he was clearly blocked by Giancarlo Fisichella on the last corner.  The FIA have not taken any action yet, but in a TV interview David Coulthard had been told it was a possiblity.

Hungary qualifying breakdown

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Pos Driver Team Pos Time Lap Pos Time Lap Pos Time Lap
1. Alonso McLaren 5. 1:20.425 3 2. 1:19.661 3 1. 1:19.674 11
2. Hamilton McLaren 1. 1:19.570 3 1. 1:19.301 3 2. 1:19.781 11
3. Heidfeld BMW Sauber 10. 1:20.751 5 6. 1:20.322 6 3. 1:20.259 11
4. Raikkonen Ferrari 6. 1:20.435 4 4. 1:20.107 3 4. 1:20.410 12
5. Rosberg Williams 9. 1:20.547 6 5. 1:20.188 5 5. 1:20.632 11
6. R.Schumacher Toyota 7. 1:20.449 7 8. 1:20.455 6 6. 1:20.714 11
7. Kubica BMW Sauber 3. 1:20.366 6 10. 1:20.703 6 7. 1:20.876 11
8. Fisichella Renault 15. 1:21.645 7 9. 1:20.590 6 8. 1:21.079 12
9. Trulli Toyota 8. 1:20.481 6 3. 1:19.951 3 9. 1:21.206 11
10. Webber Red Bull 11. 1:20.794 6 7. 1:20.439 5 10. 1:21.256 11
11. Coulthard Red Bull 14. 1:21.291 6 11. 1:20.718 6      
12. Kovalainen Renault 2. 1:20.285 6 12. 1:20.779 6      
13. Wurz Williams 13. 1:21.243 9 13. 1:20.865 9      
14. Massa Ferrari 4. 1:20.408 3 14. 1:21.021 6      
15. Davidson Super Aguri 12. 1:21.018 6 15. 1:21.127 6      
16. Liuzzi Toro Rosso 16. 1:21.730 9 16. 1:21.993 7      
17. Button Honda 17. 1:21.737 6            
18. Barrichello Honda 18. 1:21.877 6            
19. Sato Super Aguri 19. 1:22.143 6            
20. Vettel Toro Rosso 20. 1:22.177 7            
21. Sutil Spyker 21. 1:22.737 9            
22. Yamamoto Spyker 22. 1:23.774 7            

Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello had a bad day in the Honda again

Giancarlo Fisichella

Fisichella made Q3, but blocked Yamamoto and could be in trouble

Mark Webber

Webber didn’t do as well as he wanted

Felipe Massa

Massa problems meant he was out in Q2

Giancarlo Fisichella, Jarno Trulli, Nico Rosberg, Ralf Schumacher

Drivers queue for Q3

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso

Showing unity now, but has the “incident” increased the rift between them?


3 responses

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  2. BogarTRuleS

    I have been blogging all day over this Alonso was just bloody wrong end of story but the story wont end here. I think a serpent has been hatched in McLaren. and the world knows it now.

    August 4, 2007 at 8:29 pm

  3. Jay

    Alonso may have just been downright frustrated at the unfavourable behaviour towards him since joining the McLaren team who can’t respect a twice World Champion (bet you cheered him beating Schumi didn’t you??) and give a rookie too much attention. He’s peaked too soon and ‘pride comes before a fall’. Surely you can’t blame Alonso for bad management within the team – he needs his self respect as well as this jumped up team mate of his – and I’m British!
    Read ALL the reports about the other laps where the pip squeak didn’t follow team orders, which lead to Alonso’s stand!

    August 6, 2007 at 12:25 am

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