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Bourdais Wants Toro To Suit Him If He Stays

Sebastien Bourdais has said if he stays at Scuderia toro Rosso for the 2009 season, that he wants the car to suit his driving style more.

The Frenchman believes the car was developed with other drivers in mind, especially considering it is basically a respray of Red Bull Racing’s RBR4.

Bourdais reckons this is why he is struggling, and if he got a car more developed to him then he would be even further up the standings.

“Obviously I would like to stay, but it all depends on what the expectations are,” said Bourdais, who came close to a podium finish in Belgium.

“If their (Toro Rosso’s) expectations are for me to adapt to a car I don’t like, then I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep me.

“If they believe in my potential and my perception of things, which I personally believe can lead to an even better car because it has always been the way I function, then yes, we should definitely give it a try, keep on working and make it better.”

Sebastien Bourdais


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