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Drivers Unhappy With Hamilton’s Agressive Attitude

Many F1 drivers have become increasingly outspoken about their distaste for Lewis Hamilton’s on track attacks and agression after a spate of incidents in last weekend’s race at Monza.

Hamilton defended and attacked too harshly on more than one occassion. The first being when he overtook Timo Glock, but when the Toyota driver tried to come back at Hamilton, Lewis forced him off the rod and onto the grass, very dangerous given the seriously bad weather conditions.

The second incident was worse, going down the main straight he was neck and neck trying to overtake Mark Webber, Hamilton got just ahead, the Australian tried to go down the left-hand side bu the McLaren driver bumped straight into him. At this incident he cannot blame the spray as the weather was better. It forced Webber off track, and put him off having another go incase Lewis ended his race.

Fernando Alonso, Hamilton’s former team mate commented to Spanish television: “There was some unnecessary movements he made, and he repeated them with Glock and Webber. It is his way of racing.”

Timo Glock was much more angry, and threatened Hamilton with a taste of his own medicine.

“I do not know what he was thinking. I was right next to him but he left me no room. Sometimes he drives as though he is completely alone on the track,” the German told RTL.

“The next time I am with him (on track), I will behave with him in exactly the same way,” Glock promised.

Mark Webber ahead of Lewis Hamilton


3 responses

  1. Jav

    Lewis Hamilton thinks he is world champion already. The over aggression he showed in Monza was unneseccary, thats not the temprement required for someone who claims to be world champion material. Besides all these stunts are definately not impressing the other drivers on track.

    September 17, 2008 at 1:59 am

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  3. chuckovski

    Alonso is right – it’s his way of racing. And Jav’s right – he is racing like he’s already the champ. It’s not the way to race like that, you have to earn it. Comments like “I should have won that race” and all … you take them the way they come. He was far slower than Webber in the three laps preceding the overtake attempt, yet he clearly pushed him off. It’s dangerous driving and he should have been penalised. If you’re slower you’re slower. He can’t seem to accept that. And that’s why he shouldn’t be the champion, and it’s no surprise the other drivers aren’t supportive.

    September 19, 2008 at 6:08 am

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