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Kubica Would Welcome Alonso At BMW

Robert Kubica has openly admitted he would welcome Fernando Alonso as his team mate at BMW Sauber.

The polish driver and Alonso are close friends, and are often seen in the paddock together – more than once playing poker!

Kubica admits Alonso would bring a lot to the team.

Alonso has been seen talking to BMW already and is said to be considering a contract offer (we reported this a week ago), and he seems to favour the German team.

“I think I will not have any problems,” Kubica, currently partnering Nick Heidfeld, said.

“Especially because we know quite well. Fernando and me have the same view on racing, and quite similar driving styles.

“I think there are no real downsides to have him, but as I said I never have a problem with my teammate. Whether it is him or Nick, my approach is always the same.”

Fernando Alonso (L) and Robert Kubica (R)


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