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Wurz Believes KERS Is Safe After Test

Alex Wurz, Honda Racing F1’s test driver believes KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is completly safe after succesful track testing at the Jerez tests this week.

The Austrian jeoked around about the safety beforehand, but was completly sure it was safe.

“I went to the hairdressers beforehand so my hair could not catch fire!” Wurz told autosport.com. “No, seriously, it is quite safe. Honda has an enormous amount of know how with the battery system and we have some security checks all the time going on, so we are very confident that we won’t be electrocuted.”

The safety of the device was called into question after earlier in the year a BMW Sauber mechanic was electrocuted and needed hospital treatment after a shock from the device.

Honda had done some small testing of the device at Silverstone and Santa Pod but this was the first time it had been properly on track, and Wurz reckoned it made a noticable difference.

“Yes [I feel the difference in power]. Thank god I feel it! If I wouldn’t feel the 60 kilowatts, then I should not be a test driver!” Wurz commented,

“I have driven it before in a shakedown, the very first time the KERS was in the car at Santa Pod, and now it is interesting to drive it on the track. It has different effects on the car, and feeling how power output is interesting. It is all good.

“It is not that extreme, but you do feel it and it is quite nice. It works and, in the end, it is not rocket science. The car companies already have KERS in road cars, but the difficulty for F1 is getting it packaged.”

Alex Wurz


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