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McLaren Appeal Dismissed

McLaren Mercedes’ appeal against Lewis Hamilton’s penalty at the Belgian Grand Prix was laughed out of court yesterday as it was deemed in-admissable.

According to the official FIA rules, a team or driver is unable to appeal against a drive through penalty, and the 25 second penalty he recieved was deemed a post race drive through penalty time add on.

McLaren tried to beat out opponents Ferrari who were gicving evidence, questioning their racing ability and Lewis Hamilton reckoned he was clearly in the right.

Whatever happened that day, the result now stands.

Official FIA Statement:

“Article 152 of the International Sporting Code states that drive-through penalties are ‘not susceptible to appeal’,” a statement from the FIA’s Court of Appeal said on Tuesday.

“The competitor Vodafone McLaren Mercedes appealed the Steward’s decision before the International Court of Appeal in a hearing in Paris on September 22nd.

“Having heard the explanations of the parties the Court has concluded that the appeal is inadmissible.”



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