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Ferrari Retain Test Drivers Gene and Badoer

Ferrari have announced this morning that they are retaining the services of their two permanent test drivers, Mark Gene and Luca Badoer for another season.

Badoer joined the team in 1997, and raced with Minardi in 1999 but continued his testing work. He help Michael Schumacher test to many of his world titles.

Gene joined Ferrari after leaving Williams for the 2005 season, and is more of an occasional test driver and frequently shakes the cars down at Fiorano.

Marc Gene (L) ad Luca Badoer (R)


One response

  1. These guys have the best job in the world, hands down. Most F1 miles per year to these two guys. Paid to destroy and test the fastest cars in the world, while being rewarded for finding faults in their mechanics by driving them as hard as possible!!! What a dream (ok, they also have to be careful with the race machines, setup the suspensions and aero, while risking their lives testing brand new parts.)

    What could be more fun?!

    September 29, 2008 at 5:17 pm

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