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Briatore To Take A Back-Seat Role From 2009

Flavio Briatore, a long time member of the F1 paddock has announced he will be taking more of a backseat role from the 2009 season onwards.

Briatore’s contract ends this season, and he meets with Carlos Gohsn in Paris today to discuss the future where it is expected a new director will be put into place.

“In 2009 I won’t have a 360-degree role anymore,” said Briatore, who is set to meet with Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn in Paris today to discuss the future.

“There will be a director, who I’ve already spotted, to take care of day-by-day management. That way I’ll be able to concentrate on the most important things.”

Briatore has admitted that last weekend’s win has increased optimism for a team that just 2 years ago was fighting for the championship.

“There are cycles in F1,” he said. “Just when the times were difficult, Carlos Ghosn didn’t want to lower the budget. F1 isn’t just a matter of money; otherwise Toyota would win every race.

“In Renault we had to refresh the whole aerodynamics department. When you change 40 people you need to wait for them to amalgamate. Now we are in line, and we’re ready to start over. We have the right people, young and capable.”



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