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Kubica Swaps Fast Lane For Bowling Lane

Robert Kubica is swapping the fast lane for the bowling lane, and a pair of race boots for those brilliant bowling shoes as he enters a ten-pin bowling competition in Vienna.

The BMW Sauber driver is a closet ten pin bowling fan, and by his own admission not bad at it. He wants to take the cornw in the Colombia 300 tournament, admitting what started as a hobby through boredom has turned into an obsession.

“I always try to explain to the people who don’t know bowling, as a lot of them say, ‘I hear you are bowling.’ and they see bowling like a party game – where you go drinking beer and have fun,” said Kubica in a video interview on bowling digital.com.

“I try to explain to them that it is really, really technical and really difficult. You have to have a lot of knowledge, experience and precision – something that is similar to F1 – precision. We have to be precise on our lanes where we go and it is the same here with bowling. If you make a slight mistake in bowling it costs you a lot, and it is the same in F1.”

Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are all said to play the sport too.



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