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Canada Dropped For 2009 Along With Some FIA Advancements

The Canadian Grand Prix has been dropped from 2009 onwards it was revealed today as an advanced schedule for 2009 was released.

This means that there will be no North American Grand Prix in 2009.

Along with Canada being dropped, it would appear that the FIA and FOTA have come to some agreements on the future, radical changes to the rules, cost cutting measures and from 2009 equal engine performance.

We’re going to introduce radical measures to achieve a substantial reduction of costs in the championship from 2010.” a statement from the FIA read,

“Failing agreement with FOTA, the FIA will enforce the necessary measures to achieve this goal,”

“It was further unanimously agreed to allow Formula One teams to equalise engine performance across the field for 2009, pending the introduction of cost-saving measures from 2010,” it added.

2009 F1 Calendar (provisional)
Australia 29 March
Malaysia 5 April
Bahrain 19 April
Spain 10 May
Monaco 24 May
Turkey 7 June
Great Britain 21 June
France 28 June
Germany 12 July
Hungary 26 July
Europe (Valencia) 23 August
Belgium 30 August
Italy 13 September
Singapore 27 September
Japan 11 October
China 18 October
Brazil 1 November
Abu Dhabi 15 November

Robert Kubica winning the 2008 Canadian GP


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