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F1 Cars To Run Green Tyres At Fuji

Bridgestone Motorsport today unveiled the Green tyres that F1 cars will be running this weekend at Fuji Speedway in an attempt to promote “make racing green”.

The idea is that F1 and other racing series can continue in a world dominated by fears of major global climate change.

The green will be in the grooves of the tyres.

“We hope that the launch of the Make Cars Green tyre will draw public attention to the many environmental initiatives in and around Formula One,” said Bridgestone CEO Shoshi Arakawa.

“Environmental preservation is at the centre of our work at the Bridgestone Group and we hope that this collaboration with the FIA will help to spread this ethos worldwide.”

Lewis Hamilton commented,
“Since it first launched I’ve been happy to help promote the very positive messages of the Make Cars Green campaign,”

“It is a subject that goes far beyond racing. The car is an incredibly positive thing and I think the messages of the campaign help to show us that we can all choose to drive in a greener way.

“The new Make Cars Green tyre that all the teams will be running on in Fuji is a great way to promote the campaign and a real first for Formula One. The sport can also help in other ways, especially with the launch of new energy efficient technologies next season.”



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