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Manufacturers Shun Standardised Engine Proposals

Engine manufacturers Honda and BMW have both said they are totally against the plans to standardise engines from 2010 onwards.

Bernie Ecclestone believes a lifetime homoglation, where all engines are identical in contruction and output, but meerly have a manufacturers name on is the right idea.

Mario Theissen of BMW reckons that if this happened, why would manufacturers need to be in F1?

“A standard engine is something we don’t really like. I think there are other measures to make sure that costs go down.” Theissen is quoted as saying,

“The experts are looking into things like lifetime extension, homologation of parts, standardisation of parts, although not necessarily standardisation of the entire power train because in this case it would be difficult to justify for manufacturers to be there.”

Nick Fry, CEO of Honda F1 claimed that it would be like ripping the heart out of his, and other teams.

“If you are talking about a standard engine, as in an engine that is identical and made by another manufacturer and they are all exactly the same, we are very much opposed to that.” He said today,

“The engine is very dear to the heart of Honda and other car manufacturers. We are the biggest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world and we would not be at all happy with an engine that was made by someone else. We want to design, develop and manufacture our engine.”



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