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Alonso Takes The Win In Controversial Fuji Race

Fernando Alonso took the chequered flag to win 2 races in a row, but for the title runners it was not a good afternoon whatsoever!

Now Alonso can win with Renault, will he stay or will he go?

Race Review

Thankfully, this time in Fuji it was dry, not absolutely hammering it down with rain like back in 2007.

Down into the first corner, Raikkonen had the advntage over Hamilton, and was on his outside.  Hamilton, unhappy with this fact, made an incredibly agressive and unecessary dive down the inside of Raikkonen forcing them both off the track.  To say it was like watching Senna and Prost would be an understatement, “If i can’t have it, nor can you” moment.  This forced Massa and Kovalainen off too as they had to take avoiding action,  and thus allowing Alonso and Kubica in front.

A few laps later, Massa cut a chicane and got given a penalty for it, yes a penalty so all you people who think Ferrari don’t get penalised there you go.  Hamilton got one for forcing off Raikkonen, they both came in at the same time and effectivly their races ruined as they had to force their way through the mid-field for the rest of the event.

Kubica led for the first stint, with Alonso and Kovalainen on his tail.  Kimi Raikkonen had a stellar effort to force his way back through the field into 4th.

At the stops, Alonso managed to leap-frog Kubica and Kovalainen retired with an engine failure.

Alonso then controlled the race, taking his second pitstop easily.

Raikkonen did a late run on Kubica, but could not find a way around the Polish driver, who ater the race was outspoken on how agressive Hamilton had been during the season.

Piquet did a great drive from 12th to 4th, never going to pass Raikkonen but a great drive.  Their result illustrates how much progress they have made on the car in the past few weeks.

Bourdais tangled with Massa forcing the Ferrari into a spin late on, and after the race was penalised for it.  This means Vettel was 6th, Massa 7th, and Bourdais 8th.

Kazuki Nakajima saw his home race ruined when David Coulthard suffered catastrophic suspension failure, ripping Nakajima’s front wing off as the out of control Red Bull slammed into the barriers.   DC was unhurt.

Race Results

Classified (post Bourdais penalty)

The Japanese Grand Prix;

Fuji Speedway, Japan;

67 Laps

Pos Driver Team Time
1 F. Alonso Renault
2 R. Kubica BMW Sauber +5.283
3 K. Raikkonen Ferrari +6.400
4 N. Piquet Renault +20.570
5 J. Trulli Toyota +23.767
6 S. Vettel Toro Rosso +39.207
7 F. Massa Ferrari +46.158
8 S. Bourdais Toro Rosso penalty
9 M. Webber Red Bull +50.811
10 N. Heidfeld BMW Sauber +54.120
11 N. Rosberg Williams +1.02.096
12 L. Hamilton McLaren +1.18.900
13 R. Barrichello Honda +1 lap
14 J. Button Honda +1 lap
15 K. Nakajima Williams +1 lap

Fastest Lap: Felipe Massa, 1.18.426


Driver Team Lap Reason
G. Fisichella Force India 22  
H. Kovalainen McLaren 17 Engine
A. Sutil Force India 9  
T. Glock Toyota 7  
D. Coulthard Red Bull 1 Suspension

Fernando Alonso


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