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Italian Media Slam Raikkonen, Alonso Called For

Major Italian newspaper, La Gazetta dello Sport have slammed Kimi Raikkonen’s poor performances over this season despite finishing on the podium in Japan.

Raikkonen, who won the title for the Scuderia in his first season with them last year, has failed to find form this year and all too often been on the DNF sheet.

La Gazetta reckon that Luca di Montezemolo should have shown Raikkonen the door, and got Alonso to come into the team.

“It’s a question we have to ask,” the newspaper’s correspondent wrote. “Was it really sensible to renew Raikkonen’s contract?

“(Luca di) Montezemolo has called the Finn a striker in search of his lost goals, but Kimi seems more like a mechanic who has lost the operating instructions to his car.”

“He now has two more races to help Massa and show that he still has the desire. If this run continues, Ferrari must make the call to Alonso.”

Former Ferrari driver Jody Schekter who won the title in 1979 with the team was also critical;

“Raikkonen’s life at Maranello would have been much more difficult if Enzo Ferrari was around,” the South African told the Spanish newspaper Sport.

He believes Alonso is the way forward “I think Ferrari needs someone with his personality; someone capable of being in control of things.”

Fernando Alonso


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