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FIA and FOTA Have Landmark Meeting In Geneva – Massive Changes Announced

The FIA and FOTA have had a landmark meeting today in Geneva, Switzerland, out of which massive changes from the 2009 season onwards have been decided.

The changes are yet to be officially announced, but we have learned various changes that will be coming into place.

  • Engines now have to last 3 races from 2 races (2009 onwards)
  • A standardised KERS unit will come in 2010
  • Manufactuers must make 25 engine units available for customer cars at least per season
  • Testing limitations will be decided in Brazil
  • Also in Brazil, changes relating to customer cars and parts sharing will be discussed

A statement read:

“Today’s meeting in Geneva has produced significant cost savings for 2009 and 2010.

“FOTA are working urgently on further proposals for 2010 and thereafter.”

An FIA member commented only: “The meeting was very positive and constructive.”



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