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Mallya Looking For Entire Drivetrain – Looks Like Ferrari Deal Off

Vijay Mallya has announced that he is looking for an entire drivetrain from one of the two top teams for 2009, that means engine, KERS and gearbox.

Mallya has been in open discussions with Mercedes Benz (who supply McLaren) over this, but has a contract with Ferrari until 2010.

Ferrari are unsure if they want to supply the whole thing, so Mallya is likely to sign a deal with Mercedes. Whatever happens, the Indian businessman has said he will pay for all of the developmental work Ferrari have done for his engines for the coming season.

“Ferrari and us are very, very close friends, we have an excellent relationship,” said Mallya. “We have told them exactly what we want. We are in discussion.

“They are aware that I have talked to McLaren, so everything is completely transparent from our point of view. And it is also recognised that if for whatever reason we need to part, it will be a very friendly parting. And that’s all agreed.

“If they have incurred some costs developing engines for us for next year, we’ll talk about it. We’re certainly not going to be bloody minded. If they have incurred costs on my behalf, I think I owe it to them to offer to reimburse.

“Beyond that I think there is a very positive and friendly spirit on either side, and so they will not be any acrimony or any wilful enforcement of a contract.”

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