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Massa 100 Confident Of Winning Title

Felipe Massa has delcared himself 100% confident that he will be leaving the Interlagos Circuit on sunday the new reigning formula 1 world champion.

The young Brazilian is having his first shot at a title, going against Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren who currently has a 7 point lead.

Despite the lead, Massa believes the home crowd will help him lots.

“The crowd does help especially in my favour,” Massa said in a press conference organised by Ferrari supplier Shell, in Sao Paulo on Thursday.

“I am a local driver, I am Brazilian, so it does help and I am sure people will be rooting against Hamilton.”

“I have high hopes,” he added.

“I would rather arrive here seven points ahead not behind, but I am optimistic.

“I hope to have a good race, I want to win the championship but the rest does not rest on me. The optimism is always 100 percent.”

Felipe Massa


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