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Hamilton Eyes 3 Championships To Get Super Rare McLaren

Lewis Hamilton has told reporters he is going to try and win three F1 world championships – so he can get a prized rare car off Ron Dennis.

Dennis, who is possibly going to bow out of F1 within months, promised Hamilton that if he won three championships he would get his hands on the £5million McLaren F1 LM Supercar.

The car, which is painted Orange and sits in McLaren’s factory in Woking, is number 1 of 5 in the whole world, and has mesmorised Hamilton for a number of years.

“I want to win this car, I want to get this car off Ron,” Hamilton told the BBC in an exclusive interview.

“I will definitely work as hard as I can to get to number three. We made a deal, three world championships. It’s a car that I’ve always wanted.

“Then I got signed up by McLaren, I went to the factory and saw it and ever since I’ve gazed at it every time I’ve walked past it. Still today, it’s the only car I ever really stop by.

“I stop by it and I always open it up and just smell it — carbon, fresh, new. It’s number one out of five and the most expensive and beautiful car in the whole world. It’s the one that I want.”

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