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Coulthard Reflects On F1 Career

David Coulthard has reflected on his career in F1 in an exclusive interview with BBC Radio Scotland.

The driver discussed everything from race victories, to the final race, nearly dying in a plane crash and even showing Michael Schumacher the middle finger.

Coulthard admitted that he was very disappointed not to finish even one lap of his final race.

“I wanted to take the chequered flag, but I can’t complain after a good career,” said Coulthard.

“I’m obviously disappointed I didn’t complete a lap of the Grand Prix. What an exciting end to the world championship and what a great day for motorsport.”

Coulthard taken out on the first lap in Brazil

Coulthard taken out on the first lap in Brazil

Coulthard probably wasn’t a bad driver, but it was unfortunate for him to be at his peak when Michael Schumacher was at his own and winning everything under the sun.

“I know opinion is divided as to whether I was any good or not,”

“If I’d won a championship, that would take away any real discussion.

“But I finished second and who really remembers the runner-up in the World Cup or in the Olympic 100m final?

“Ultimately, it’s all about winning. But I don’t feel unfulfilled in finishing second to someone who turned out to be the most successful driver in the history of the sport.

“It was just bad timing for me to be around at the time of a seven-time world champion!!”

When asked about the past, he commented,

“I’m not really someone who reminisces a great deal,”

“I certainly don’t talk about the good old days because I think I’m living them now

“I’ve been asked a lot of questions about highlights and the beginning of my career in 1994, but it seems so long ago that I don’t really remember the details.

“I’ve just been enjoying the journey.”

Coulthards final win, Australia 2003

Coulthard's final win, Australia 2003

When the reporters decided to push Coulthard to look for some highlights of his career, which spanned from 1994, he said,

“A couple of races stand out.

“Those who follow F1 closely may remember I gave Schumacher the finger at Magny-Cours in 2000. I’m not proud of it because it’s not big and it’s not clever; but it was a race full of frustration.

“Michael tried to shove me off the circuit at the start of the race and I dropped to third and had to battle back to get in behind him and eventually pass him.  I was particularly pleased that I was able to control my emotions.”

David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher, enemies as much as friends

David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher, enemies as much as friends

“Winning in Monaco for second time (in 2002) was also very special.  I led from the front on a circuit where there is just no room for error.  It’s almost a two-hour race, it’s hot and physically demanding.  If anyone was to say I wasn’t any good as a driver, I would always put forward Monaco as an example of being able to win on one of the most difficult circuits.”

So there you have it, one of the stalwarts of the F1 paddock bows out, and if Rubens Barrichello fails to secure a race seat next season, then it is good bye to the old school.

Goodbye and good luck David!

Goodbye David Coulthard!

Goodbye David Coulthard!


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