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2009 Cars Will Shock – Renault

One of Renault’s senior designers, Alfonso Martinez has told fans to expect a shock when they see the first 2009 Specficiation F1 cars rolling out for tests in the near future.

Martinez is working cloesly on the Renault R29 project and thinks that the cars are so radically different from the ones this season, we will hardly recognize them.

With KERS and slick tyres, that should be shock enough, but without the little winglets all over the car, flatter front wings, and thinner but taller rear wings the car will look completly crazy.

However Martinez isn’t completly sure it will lead to mroe overtaking, but it we will have to wait until the Australian Grand Prix to find out.

Martinez told the Spanish sports daily Marca: “The shock is going to be tremendous when these cars are seen.”

“There continues to be a lot of dirty air in the (car’s) wake, although less than before.”


One response

  1. quite frankly i don’t care what they look like – as long as they make the racing more interesting. i fully support the return to slick tyres, and am pretty excited about the work that the so-called “Overtaking Committee” is doing – representatives from ferrari, mclaren and renault, working together in a wind tunnel in an effort to minimise the “dirty-air” effect.

    November 12, 2008 at 8:01 pm

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