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Major Changes At Force India – No Ferrari, No Kolles, No Gascoyne

Today has brought major changes within the Force India F1 Team.

Their boss Vijay Mallya has announced a number of major changes within the team’s management and staff, alongside a big announcement that they will be parting company with engine supplier Ferrari.

Ferrari have been supplying the team with enignes since 2007, when it was known as Spyker.  There was a contract for next season, but Force India want a full drivetrain, and Ferrari didn’t want to provide that.  So, the contract was mutually terminated.

With talks in progress with McLaren and Mercedes, it is surely only a matter of time before an announcement is made that Force India will have a shared drivetrain, engine and parts with the Anglo/German team.

“The Force India Formula One Team today announces that it has ended its contract with Ferrari. The agreement signed in 2007 also provided for a supply of engines in 2009, but will now terminate ahead of schedule at the request of Force India.” A statement on the engine deal read.

“Force India wishes to thank Ferrari for its much appreciated and valued support to date, which has always been carried out at the highest level; technically and professionally and within an excellent relationship.”

No more Ferrari engines for Force India

No more Ferrari engines for Force India

In another announcement later in the day, it was revelaed that there had been a major management reshuffle.  Colin Kolles, the former Team Principal had been released from contract, as had stalwart of the paddock Mike Gascyone from his role as technical director.  Gascoyne had been around the Silverstone based squad since 2006 when it was known as Midland, after being sacked by Toyota.

“Force India is my most difficult project to date and it has become clear that it requires more direct input from my side and greater performance accountability.” Vijay Mallya said this afternoon.

“We have come a long way this season, but we need more and that requires some radical reorganisation of the management structure to ensure the maximum productivity.

“I would like to thank Colin Kolles for his tireless efforts in keeping such a small team alive and to Mike Gascoyne for bringing his wealth of technical expertise. Both have played an instrumental part in making the team what it is today.

“On Monday November 10th, I will announce the new technical direction of the team as well as the appointment of a new Chief Operating Officer who will assume overall responsibility for our Silverstone and Brackley facilities, Race and Test operations.”

Mike Gascoyne

Mike Gascoyne


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