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Klien Cites Some Costs As Excessive

Christian Klien, former Jaguar and Red Bull driver, more recently a Honda tester who is now at BMW Sauber has cited certain costs in F1 as being excessive.

The Austrian believes that the amount of helmets used by drivers is a huge drain, with their 6,000euro price tag pre-painting.

“Perhaps too much money is wasted” Klien told the Kurier

“Take Jenson Button: he uses 18 helmets per season and every one costs 6,000 euros before the paint,”

“I ask myself if this is necessary,”


One response

  1. Come on klien,, really,, the helmets?!

    How about the face that the money spent on helmets is ALWAYS recouped in sales after each race, or soon after. Racers tend to keep their helmets otherwise and they’re promotional/branding items (obviously Christian’s marketing prowess is unparalleled). You want to save money on racing,, require an onboard starter on the cars (gee, integrating it INTO the KERS systems wouldn’t be a good idea would it?) oh right,, yes it would. Require that they start at ambient temps, (keep the tire warmers, it only takes 4 people to put em on,, not 4 computers and 8 people).

    Furthermore, costs are driven up by the money delivered by the sponsors (how else could they justify it). If you have 400 MILLION you can take it that far.

    The new aero requirements won’t really decrease costs at all. As long as aero tweaks are allowed, it will remain a war of computers and engineers, want to take that out, or at least mitigate it,, require a body template.

    Otherwise, go the NASCAR route and require spring/shock assemblies as a spec component (keep them in the current variety, don’t give em the crap the NASCAR guys have to fight with and silly bushings). Then one company will be responsible for a single part, safety can be improved on that one part, and innovation can increase in a linear manner. Taking that a step farther, require spec parts, have companies (stoking innovation) submit and allow 3 players in the shock category, then you’ll have choice (all teams have access to the components). OOh, a customer shock war, then let the companies innovate within their own realm.

    You want innovation, allow more freedom in the KERS arena, nock it wide open,, then make it so there is only 1 required pit stop (and reduce the size of the fuel tanks,, by half!) Nahh,, that’d be too much green innovation wouldn’t it. That’s still around 600hp on a car that still weighs less than a fully laden Marlon Brando.

    I still liked the cdg wing (I know, big yawn) but I bet that quickly it would evolve into something neat. Wanna promoto aero innovation and make stuff look neat,, require no 2d surfaces, all things to have 3d bends (do that and we’ll see some wild stuff!).

    Finally, lets get some serious innovation going,, release the “1 team livery rule” let’s look at some cool cars, for heavens sake, it took an act of Bernie and a unanimous effect to get Coulthard into a one off for his last,,, half a lap (sorry David, we all wanted to see you get a bundle of laps). It’s not like any race series does this to great effect (NASCAR) but then again (INDY) I guess you’ll have to look far and wide to find some examples (any other race series) and as long as your sponsors want it in the first place (trust me they do). Finally, they could give their graphic designers something nice for us to look at (Toyota I’m looking DIRECTLY at you!)

    I hope some of these are enacted,, only because they’d increase the spectacle, lower costs, increase innovation, and improve the spectacle,, but then again,, that’d make sense.

    Sorry about that.

    November 9, 2008 at 7:10 pm

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