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Button Believes He Is As Good As Hamilton – Just In Worse Car

Jenson Button has claimed that he is as good as Lewis Hamilton, indeed possibly better, but he just has a bad car.

The Brit, who has won just one Grand Prix in his career which started in 2000, reckons that if he were in the McLaren this season he could easily have won the title.

Button also would like to see how Hamilton fared driving the Honda, a distinctly worse car.

“If (I’d) had Lewis’ car then I’d have been World Champion too.” Button told British tabliod, The People

“Lewis is a worthy World Champion but he wouldn’t have done as well as me in my Honda.”

“I mean, the guy has never been in a bad car. I think you learn from it and become a better driver trying to work with a bad car,” he added.


One response

  1. sour grapes – this is the closest this brit will get to the tabloids this year. in a weaker team you must at least try and dominate your teammate – i can’t see rubens even getting close to hamilton (in a honda).

    November 12, 2008 at 7:50 pm

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