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Williams Tests 2009 Spec Car

Williams showed off what their 2009 car might look like when youngster Jonathan Kennard took a new car out for straghtline testing.

Kennard, an F3 driver, was testing the vehicle at the Kemble Airfield in top speed tests, but it showed reporters what the cars are likely to look like, and indeed it is very, very different from 2008.

It is hoped that with no winglets, and flatter wings cars will be able to follow much more closely rather than having concern over “dirty air” affects on the aerodynamics.  Thus, more overtaking.

While Williams’ car is like what we will see, the official 2009 spec machines will feature no winglets on the sidepods at all, there will be a new diffuser set up and also KERS installed.

“It has been a good day today and great to be able to drive the new-spec Formula One car for the first time,” Kennard said after the test.

“I would like to extend my thanks to Sir Frank (Williams) and the team for the opportunity. I enjoyed working through the test programme and assisting the team with their preparations for the 2009 season.”


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