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Kubica Confident Of Big Wing Smashes In Australia

Robert Kubica has delcared himself confident that in the first few corners of the Australian Grand Prix there is guaranteed to be plnety of carbon fibre flying in the air.

The new aerodynamic regulations have made the front wings much wider, but BMW Sauber have taken this to extremes and their front wing currently is wider than the tyres.  There is a good chance too that any front wing damage is going to cause punctures, so there could be a massive smash into turn 1 given the slick tyres.

“The front wing, it is too wide,” he is quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport,

“I am curious to see how many (wings) will be flying at the first race in Australia,” Kubica added.

The BMW Sauber has rather questionable aesthetics, and after test driver Christian Klien commented that “it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen”, Robert Kubica joked;

“It looks better from inside the cockpit!”


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