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Ecclestone’s Wife Files For Divorce

Bernie Ecclestone’s wife Slavica has filed for divorce, without her husband’s knowledge.

Mrs Ecclestone who is 50, married Ecclestone 24 years ago, released a statement through her PR company announcing her pending divorce from the owner of F1.  It is claimed that she moved out of their home in London while Bernie was at the Brazilian Grand Prix, and she has been absent from the racing for some time.

It is likely to be significant and expensive for Bernie, who for tax reasons has most of his wealth tied in his wife’s name.

It is believed that she is currently living in an apartment belonging to her daughter Petra’s boyfriend. A family source said Bernie was “shattered” by her walking out.

“It is formally announced that Mrs Slavica Ecclestone has filed for divorce,” a statement released by her PR agency Borkowski read.

“Her legal representative is Liz Vernon at Clintons.  Mrs Ecclestone has asked that her privacy and that of her children should be respected.”

Bernie said the news surprised him.

“Really?” he told the Daily Telegraph. “Oh … we will see. I didn’t even know she had a PR company. You hear of things – I must find out.”


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