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Webber Involved In Major Road Crash Incident

Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber has been injured and hospitalised follwing a massive accident in a charity event on Tasmania.

The Australian was taking part in a charity challenge that he had set up when he was involved in a collision with a 4WD vehicle.  Webber was on a bike.

He was airlifted to hospital having suffered a broken leg, and possibly breaks in his arms.

“Mark’s been involved in an accident, (but) he’s fine,” said Webber Challenge media manager Nancy Cook. “He’s being treated, he’s really disappointed that he’s not going to be able to continue but he’s well and being looked after.”

Webber was rushed for major surgery on his leg, which apparantly has gone very well.

“The surgery is complete, a pin inserted and the recovery begins,” a spokesman was quoted as saying by the BBC.

“Mark’s in good spirits. The broken leg is the injury, and beyond that, he’s in really good shape.

“He has a little bit of a graze on his left forearm, but he has had full scans and everything else is clear.

“He’ll be in hospital for at least three days, for sure under a week. I was speaking to him before the operation, and he was already thinking about his rehabilitation.

“I suspect that as soon as Mark is able to fly, they will be keen to get him back to Europe.

“They will have people working out his rehab programme now with a view to getting him up and going as soon as possible.”


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