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Hockenheim’s Future On The Rack – Chances Are No More Races Without Funding

The future of Formula One at the Hockenheim Circuit in Germany is in serious doubt tonight after one of the tracks officials pleaded to local government for a funding handout.

The circuit, which formerly raced right through the forests but since 2002 has raced on a shorter track, has been a stalwart of the calendar since the early days, but it is unlikely to host any more races unless funding can be found.

Last season’s race made the circuit lost 5.3million Euros.

“Without grants from the state there will be no more Formula One in Hockenheim,” Karl-Josef Schmidt told the Der Tagesspiegel newspaper.

Schmidt believes that soon only Arabic countries will have the funding to host events.

“Formula One will disappear not just from Hockenheim but from Germany as a whole. Then it will only be run in Arab countries,”

The French and Canadian Grand Prix have both been abandoned due to lack of funding, and we hope this classic event doesn’t go the same way.


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