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Panatano Abandoned By F1 Teams

Girogio Pantano says he feels abandoned by Formula One after no team has made an approach for his signature, despite being the 2008 GP2 World Champion, and having a string of other successes under his belt.

The 29 year old Italian has former experience in F1, after spending the 2004 season with the Jordan F1 Team.

If Pantano doesn’t get a seat, which is becoming increasingly likely, he will be the first ever GP2 champion to not get a seat.

“I challenge anyone to have a CV as good as mine,” Pantano told Autosprint.

“I won two karting world titles, three European, three Italian, German F3, GP2 and was always at the front in F3000. But now I don’t have a seat in F1, is this a joke?

“That’s what it’s like now, if you don’t get in touch with people, no one looks for you. I feel abandoned.

“The only person behaving fairly has been Ecclestone. I called him a few days ago and after ten minutes he called me back. The only real drives still available are at Honda and Toro Rosso. Bernie told me that if anything moves, I’ll be the first to know.

“But I feel total indifference towards me. I read of Senna and Buemi but, really, what have they done? At this point, a guy in my situation must think that being a racing driver is not advantageous, doing another job would be better.”

He only wants a test, so yeah someone give him one because I think he is a cracking bloke, and would do a good service.  He is certainly better than Nelson Piquet Jr, who somehow kept his seat.


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