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Brawn and Fry To Try and Save The Honda Team – Buyers Lined Up; Ferrari?

Ross Brawn and Nick Fry have been working furiously throughout the night since discovering that the Honda mangement in Japan have pulled the plug on their F1 programme, in attempts to get a new owner.

The pair want to save the team, and everyone’s jobs.  If unsuccessful, it could see a significant number of people unemployed.

Brawn has, allegedly, lined up a number of potential buyers, and is in talks with Ferrari to get engines for the forthcoming season.

Going once, going twice...  Ross has allegedly got buyers lined up.

Going once, going twice... Ross has allegedly got buyers lined up.

With that Ferrari link, we can make some assumptions on potential purchasers.  Ferrari could buy the team and run it as a B-Team, like McLaren are Force India and Red Bull run Toro Rosso.  Gerhard Berger could buy it, and he has close affiliation with Ferrari (securing 2008 engines for Toro Rosso last season), and he could be interested in starting his own squad.  Alain Prost could make a return, to get a race seat for his son.  Jenson Button could rally support from sponsors and do some form of driver buy-out.  Adrian Campos could buy it, he has been sniffing around F1 for some time.

Honda’s marketing director David Butler wrote a letter to Japan, and has said this:

“We will enter into consultation with the associates of Honda Racing F1 Team and its engine supplier Honda Racing Development regarding the future of the two companies.  This will include offering the team for sale.”


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