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Brawn and Wurz Unconcerned About Their Future

Ross Brawn and Alex Wurz have both claimed they are unconcerned about their futures in the wake of the Honda F1 Teams demise.

While Nick Fry is furiously searching for a buyer, who we believe will be David Richards using an Arabian backer, Ross BRawn is much more chilled out about the whole matter.  He is very disappointed to have lost the team, a team he only joined 12 months ago after very successful times in F1 with Ferrari and Benetton, and also in sportscar racing, but if he doesn’t get another job he is going to go and enjoy himself.

Ross told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport: “If the team has to close, I’ll just go fishing for a year, which is my hobby anyway.”

MEanwhile test driver Alex Wurz, himself now 37 and having had a fairly successful racing career which ended with Williams last season, taking home a podium in the process admits he isn’t going to furiously search for a job.

” I will look for another seat for sure, probably test not race, but I will probably not seek it with full power.” Wurz told APA


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