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Raikkonen Not Making 2009 Predicitons On Back Of Changes

Kimi Raikkonen has admited he is making no predicitons to who will win the 2009 F1 title.

The Finn believes that with the wrath of technical alterations and introductions, such as the flattening of wings, wider front wings and narrow rear wings, slick tyres and KERS, it has become almost impossible to decipher who will be champion.

“There are many more question marks compared to last year, everything is very different,” he was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If you do everything well you can have some advantages, while if you do things wrong it can cost you a lot. But this is no time for speculation.”

Meanwhile he has admitted that he has a few reservations on the slick tyres, but believes they will come good in the end.  He reckons that by the end grooved tyres weren’t as bad as everyone made them out to be.

“I think in the end the tyres will work well, but it takes time to get used to them,” he said. “In general I prefer slick tyres, but if I think back at the grooved tyres, thanks to the competition between Michelin and Bridgestone they became very good.

“When we moved to a single supplier, the push from competition ended. So it’s better to wait and see.”


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