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Breaking News: Changes In F1

We have some breaking news from the BBC.

From 2010, there will be significant changes to F1.

  • Engines for independent teams will cost no more than 4.5million Euros
  • No in season testing
  • There will be shared parts,
  • Refuelling during races will be banned
  • Races may be shortened.

We have no official confirmation as yet, so we will bring you official news as we get it.

F1Fanatics – First with breaking news.


One response

  1. Other new rules made up by goober and wally

    all tire changes go to nascar rules, only 4 guys “over the wall” so that tire changes must be made 2 at a time (Then switch sides)

    Every third race is the “hopscotch race” where racers must run a complete lap of the circuit in full gear before getting in the car

    1 race will be clothing optional (at Max’s discretion)

    In the event of a tie,,, Donovan McNabb will choose the winner

    All Manufacturers must supply food for independent teams (each team will have a “taste tester” testing will be allowed there)

    All Friday practices have been replaced with drinking contests for the race engineers to be televised and judged by Kimi and David Coulthard

    In lieu of qualifying, handstand racing will be used, where the fastest to travel 20 meters on their hands gets the pole.

    That goes along with the other stuff,, right?

    December 12, 2008 at 6:14 pm

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