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Senna’s Death Was Horrid But Death Was Accepted Risk

Michael Schumacher believes that Ayrton Senna’s death was almost certainly the most horrible moment of his entire F1 career.

The 7 time F1 world champion also noted that this was the moment he woke up to the fact that death was an acceptable risk and a part of Formula One at the time.

“It was the accident which cost Senna’s life in 1994 [that frightened me most.” Schumacher said in an exclusive interview with Die Zelt

“That woke me up,” he shared. “I told myself that it could happen to anyone, anywhere. If you don’t accept that, you have a problem. I never left home with the fear of not returning, but only with the hope of winning the race.”

“The important thing is to know at which point the risk-taking cannot be calculated,” Schumacher explained.

“I always go up to the limit, but sometimes there can be bad luck, like at Silverstone,”


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