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Breaking News: Ron Dennis To Retire Immediately

BREAKING NEWS:   Ron Dennis, the current boss of McLaren Mercedes F1 Team has announced he is going to retire with immediate effect.

The Brit, who has been involved in F1 since 1981, has announced his plans on the day of the launch of the 2009 McLaren the MP4-24.

Dennis, who was instrumental in bringing Lewis Hamilton from kart racing to F1 and now World Champion will hand over control of the team to Martin Whitmarsh, his long time second in command.

His retirement is only from the Formula One division though, he WILL remain in control of the McLaren Group Division controlling road cars amongst other things.

“We have a clear intention for our production car programme which is really a challenge. Any product we bring to the market will certainly fall the other side of this financial period.” Dennis announced

“I stress nothing to get too excited about but it is absolute time for Martin to take over as team principal. As from March 1 he will adopt that responsibility. I will still go to races, not all of them, because I am passionate.

“I intend to work harder and will take on greater responsibility in the group. I will be full executive chairman. It is time and I have to say it is absolutely 100 percent my decision. It is what I want to do, but I do intend to work much harder.

“Don’t see it as some sort of retirement, I want to work harder in other areas and having to plan those tasks around the GP calendar is disruptive to the process. It is a job that Martin will embrace and enjoy.”


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