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De La Rosa Impressed With 2009 Car Speed

Pedro de La Rosa has declared himself pleased and suprised with the speed that the 2009 specification F1 cars provide.

The Spaniard, who is testing McLaren’s MP4-24 this week at the Algarve test circuit admitted he was happy with how similar the overall lap times and speed were to the 2008 machines.

He believes that the times will be similar because the new aero package slows the cars in high speed turns, but the incredible amounts of grip from the slick tyres allow very good low corner ability.

“I’m surprised how little difference the slick tyres and the aero package have made,” said de la Rosa. “The car has more grip at low speed, so we are definitely gaining time, but then losing a little bit in the high speed corners. I think that the laptimes will be very similar. What you lose on the high-speed corners you get back on the low-speed corners.”

“The car has a little bit more grip at the front end generally and it is very responsive to steering.”

De La Rosa went on to claim that the slick tyres were the most important change for 2009, and he would love to have seen the 08 spec cars with slicks, which would have been 3-4 seconds per lap faster.


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