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Drivers May Strike Over Superlicence Fee Hikes

F1 is being thrown into turmoil tonight after it was revealed that the drivers could go on strike over increases to the price of the superlicences, a mandatory document which must be signed and then paid.

The drivers have to pay for the licence, and then an additional fee per point scored.

In 2008 it cost 10,000 Euros, plus 2,000 Euros per point, a fee which top drivers, including two time world champion Fernando Alonso were vocally unhappy about and threatened a strike at the British Grand Prix but signed.

However, there are increases of 1725 Euros for the licence, and 456 Euros per point.  This would add up to Lewis Hamilton (if he theoretically gained the same number of points this season) paying around 219,000 Euros.

An email which has been revealed by Autosport from the GPDA to the FIA reads;

“(The) Superlicence issue will be addressed at the next FOTA meeting which will take place on February 3,” said the email. “We would like you to wait approximately three more weeks to sign or pay for the Superlicence.

“This should give us enough time to hear from the FOTA and at the same time increase our pressure on the FIA.”

Fernando Alonso said, “It is a very serious matter…we all agree that it is not fair that from one year to the next it (the cost) increases 500-600 percent.”


One response

  1. James

    Wow, this is getting ridiculous. Someone needs to make a stand and begin working to secure the future of Formula One. At this rate, it appears as though things are spiraling out of control. The world economy, Bernie’s ridiculous price tag for GP’s, Core tracks laced in F1 history coming under threat (Silverstone, Hockenheim, Montreal, etc.), teams leaving the sport due to high costs (Honda, Super Aguri in the last 10 months). Won’t someone take steps to “save” F1 from collapse? I hope I’m just overreacting 🙂

    January 24, 2009 at 9:29 am

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