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Prost Wants F1 To Think Rather Than Panic

The four time F1 world champion Alain Prost has called for calm within the F1 paddock, telling te teams and bosses to think rather than panic in the world economic crisis.

“I prefer people who say ‘let’s think’ rather than ‘let’s stop’. Honda aside, I don’t think there is panic,” he said in Paris.

“In F1, everyone is in the same boat with having to reduce budgets, and in the last ten years I had never seen F1 with such an abundance of resources,” Prost continued.

Prost, who drove for top teams including Scuderia Ferrari and McLaren believes that F1’s golden age of overtaking and close racing has gone, and it is now a golden age of safety.

“There is less overtaking and more strategy. Everything happens on the pitwall and the drivers just go.”

“We had to save the brakes and the gearboxes, and monitor fuel consumption, but now it has all been organised by the starting grid,” Prost said.

“I experienced the golden age, but there were crashes, deaths. The drivers today are in a golden age of safety.”


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