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Toyota See Bahrain Test As Invaluable Despite Costs

The Toyota F1 Team have admitted, that despite a £300,000 cost, the testing in Bahrain before the season starts is invaluable.

After Sam Michael of the Williams team criticised some teams for spending such an extortionate amount to test in the oil desert nation, Toyota’s Pascal Vasselon admitted that the guaranteed dry running was the big pull.

Poor weather in Portugal and Spain have seriously hindered tests for most teams, even in Italy poor temperatures and conditions have seriously affected Ferrari’s running at home.  With the in-season testing ban coming, the teams need to get as much running in as possible before the start of the 2009 season.

“For us testing in Bahrain is just the best value for money,” said Vasselon, when asked by autosport.com about the value of getting dry running there.

“There is a risk in Europe in the winter of spending your time in conditions that are totally irrelevant in terms of the tyre working window. And this can put in doubt any kind of set-up result you get, because the tyres are not working in the right window.

“All of the couplings between the tyres and the other set-up parameters can be totally wrong. This can cost a lot in terms of pre-season preparation.

“For us it is just common sense to test in Bahrain. We would be ready to drop one of the two European test sessions to spend more time in Bahrain. It is the best value for money and the best preparation for the rest of the season.”


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