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Historic Venues In Danger As Mosley Doesn’t Confirm Future

Max Mosley threw the safety of “historic” races into doubt after he failed to confirm and guranatee their future in the sport.

Over the past few years some classic venues including Imola have fallen by the way-side in favour of distant and poorer country locations.  This has angered F1 fans and teams alike, but the FIA love it because of the money they get.

France and Canada are both missing from the 2009 schedule, Britain is once again in danger and the organisers of the Italian GP are thinking about moving it from Monza to Rome.

“We have to be reasonable as to the financial terms and facilities (of races on the calendar),” Mosley said.

“The FIA can’t put pressure on Bernie to race in the UK for less than other countries would pay for us to race elsewhere.”

Venues like Monza in Italy are not safe

Venues like Monza in Italy are not safe


One response

  1. I would literally cry if they took Monza off the calendar. Damn you FIA! Listen to the fans!!!

    February 6, 2009 at 3:32 am

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