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Mosley Wants 5th Term As FIA President

Disgraced FIA president Max Mosley has done the unthinkable, seriously put himself forward to run for a 5th term as FIA president.

The 63 year old, who was embroiled in a major sex scandal which brought motorsport into utter disrepute, and most of the worlds newspapers, thinks that the F1 paddock want status quo and for him to continue with the job.

Ignoring the fact that everyone to do with motorsport wants him out, how exactly have the past say 10 years in F1 been keeping the “status quo”?.  We have had major rule and regulation changes every season which have almost left us back at square one, barring the return of turbo charged engines and those ridiculous rear wings of course. We’ve had banned tyre changes, 3 qualification systems, changed aerodynamics, engine changes, and now we are left with just 18 cars on the grid.

“Yes. If a lot of people say to you, ‘you should stay’, it’s churlish in a way not to. People have indicated they want to go on with the status quo and that is pretty widespread.”

“That is nice and flattering, but I’ve got to ask myself if that’s what I really want to do,”

The time for change is now, lets get someone decent in charge!


One response

  1. James2

    Max, you moron, haven’t you mucked up F1 enough?!? When will you consider your reign of terror a success? When Ferrari walks away? (BTW, I think Ferrari should. F1 is becoming a farce.)

    February 12, 2009 at 5:42 am

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