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Turkish GP In Doubt Beyond 2011

Bernie Ecclestone has thrust the future of the Turkish Grand Prix into doubt after allegedly telling the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce he planned to take the track of the calendar in 2011.

Ecclestone, who began working with members of Istanbul council in 2001 on the Grand Prix in 2005, became the owner and operator of the circuit a couple of years ago.

Istanbul Park as it is known was designed by Hermann Tilke, and while a good design it is not the most popular among F1 fans or teams.

“We are afraid that 2011 may be the last year of the staging of F1 in Istanbul,” Can Guclu, the circuit’s manager told Zaman.

“There is serious competition from such countries as South Africa, Russia, Bulgaria and South Korea. South Korea has a highly developed economy and they place importance on sporting events. The [football] world cup was held in there in 2002. And Russia has already started constructing a race course.”

It is those new venues, and the fact that the classic circuits are rebelling against being taken off the calendar that is leaving the “newer” tracks in doubt for the future.


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