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Donington Park Dismantle Famous Bridge In F1 Preparation

Donington Park today dismantled their famous “Dunlop” tyre bridge in preparation for building work and expansion before the first F1 race there since 1993 in 2010.

The Leicestershire based circuit has had the bridge across the back straight next to the Donington Museum for years and it has become iconic with spectators and drivers alike.

However, it is sited upon the location for the new paddock and garages so has to go.

It is not being sold on, meerly put into storage and rumour has it that it will be utilised somewhere else around the circuit area, possibly across the entrance.

“We’re storing it, and then we’re going to decide where it is going to go,” Simon Gillett, track boss said.

“Maybe [we’ll] change the ‘Dunlop’ to ‘Donington’ but in the same typeface. Part of the problem with the Dunlop Bridge is that MotoGP is Michelin, it’s Pirelli for World Superbikes, Bridgestone for F1, so commercially you can’t have it.

“There is the safety point of view because of the width of it, and also the location because the new pits and paddock are going there.

“So there are lots of reasons – it’s current location is wrong, it is not wide enough, and then there are the commercial reasons … we’d be constantly painting over the Dunlop. So it just couldn’t stay. But we’ll find a home for it. It won’t work over the track, but it will be somewhere nearby.”

Dunlop Bridge at the 2008 BTCC round at Donington Park

Dunlop Bridge at the 2008 BTCC round at Donington Park


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