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Pressure On Stewart And Other Stars To Relinquish RBS Roles

There is mounting pressure today upon celebrities, including former F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart to relinquish highly paid ambassador roles within the Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS).

RBS is embroiled in major high level governmental rows as it suffers in the global economic crisis.  It has led MP’s to question stars, including Stewart, Zara Philips, Jack Nicklaus and Andrew Murray, upon their huge salaries gained from being “Amabassadors” to the company.

RBS are also a major sponsor to the Williams F1 Team.

It has been suggested they would be seen as heroes if they stood down, as the bank is about to be nationalised thanks to its losses.

John Mann MP, a member of the Treasury Select Committee, said  “I think it would go down very well with the British public if some of them were to cancel their contracts.”

“Some of them would become real heroes if they did”

It is estimated Stewart has earned around £4million from the deal, and he remains confident he will see out his contract.

“My contract has nearly two years to run and they always honour contracts,” Stewart claimed.


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