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Honda Could Still Disband The Team Despite New Interest

A spokesperson for the Honda Motor Company has declared that shutting down and disbanding the F1 team is still an option despite heightened interest in the past few days about a purchase.

The Japanese company admitted that a buy-out was still the favoured option, but something needs to be sorted out soon otherwise they will have no other option.

It is also believed that Mercedes Benz, who have offered a full Engine, Gearbox and KERS system to the new team want a decision by next week about supply otherwise they will pull their offer.  Norbert Haug said a short time ago that they could not wait forever for a decision.

Honda spokesman Hiroyuki Murase told The Associated Press: “It’s true that we are pursuing several potential buyers. But the team may still have to be disbanded if the negotiations fail.”

Richard Branson and the Virgin group are believed to have made an offer to buy the team, and an MBO from Nick Fry is still another main option.

Bernie Ecclestone said in an interview with The Mirror newspaper that he was very happy Sir Richard was interested in F1.

“We would welcome them with open arms.  He’s exactly the type of person we would want in the sport.

“Sir Richard Branson is a wonderful guy. I met him at Monza last year and we got on very well.”


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