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BBC Confirm They Will Use “The Chain” As The Theme Song For Coverage

The BBC, who have won back coverage of Formula One from ITV, have announced today that they will be reviving the iconic song “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac for the introduction titles of their coverage.

It is the first time the song, which epitomises Formula One for many people, will have been used since the coverage was lost in 1996.

However, the song, recorded in 1996 by Fleetwood Mac will be back and could be recovered just for the introduction.  It’s bass ending will be sounding out in living rooms across the country every Sunday afternoon.

“There has been one enormous issue on all the message boards and that was the question of what music we are going to use,” said a BBC spokesman. “Whether it’s a surprise or not, we’ll leave for you to decide.”

Murray Walker, who will be working as an online correspondant for the BBC’s F1 coverage, was absolutely delighted with the news.

Enjoy BBC’s 1990 Introduction before the Monaco Grand Prix with the iconic soundtrack


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