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USF1 Launched – New Car Ready By Autumn 2009

The USF1 team was launched today in Charlotte, USA.  In a major broadcast with Speed TV, the team’s plans were finally revealed after months of speculation.

The team will have a USA based, designed, driven and sponsored machine for the F1 season in 2010.  It has conservative aims for its first two years, but after that wants to establish itself as a high midfield runner before hoping to contend for titles in the future.

Former Ligier and Onyx technical director, Ken Anderson, the team principal of USF1, told the world that the new car will be ready by Autumn 2009, and should be hitting the track by the end of the year.

“We’ll have a car on the ground in September/October to start doing static rig testing,” he said. “There are still some things up in the air right now as far as who our engine supplier is and when that contract would start.

“We’re in a state of flux and all these things will come out in the next four to six weeks. But the rule as it is right now is that you’re not supposed to run a car between the last race and January 1st, so I would say we’re not planning to actually run the car until January next year – but then you have almost three months to the first race anyway.”

Ken Anderson at the launch

Ken Anderson at the launch

Peter Windsor, sporting director, spoke of their aims.

“A truly successful 2010 would be first of all proving that a Formula One car can be designed and built in the United States, outside of Europe, breaking the mould and doing that efficiently and cleanly. By that I mean we produce two good cars that are reliable, we finish races and maybe get a decent result in year one.

“In year two I’d like to think we could be scoring some points, which means top 10/top eight finishing. Then the sky is the limit after that. I am being quite conservative because this is a new team and we need to walk before we can run.”

Windsor added that there would be a European base as well as the main USA site.

“We’re going to have a European base which is mainly for the trucks, the motorhome, the pit equipment and for operating when we’re testing. It’s a logistics operation, not large, and it could therefore be anywhere.”

Peter Windsor

Peter Windsor


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