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Buemi Confirms Toro Rosso Launch Next Monday

Sebastien Buemi has confirmed that the Scuderia Toro Rosso car for the 2009 season will be launched on Monday.

The car, named the STR4 will share a lot of similarities with the Red Bull Racing RB5.  The similarity is hardly suprising given two things; firstly the link between the Red Bull team and Toro Rosso and secondly the fact that all of the Toro Rosso’s have been Red Bull’s so far:

– 2006 STR1 was a 2005 Red Bull RB1, indeed it still had the Cosworth V10’s even though everyone else had V8’s

– 2007 STR2 was 2006 RB2, but had a few parts from the 2007 car later in the season.

2008 STR3 was a 2008 Red Bull RB4, park them next to each other and they’re the same.

Indeed the only difference between the RB5 and the STR4 will be the engines, Red Bull run Renault units but Toro Rosso continue their partnership with Ferrari which last season was to their advnatage finishing higher than Red Bull and also scoring a victory with Sebastian Vettel at the Italian Grand Prix.

“It’s like the Red Bull, only in our colours!” Buemi told Swiss newspaper Blick


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